What are B-cells and T-cells?

1 Answer
Feb 22, 2018


B-cells and T-cells both are special type of white blood cells called Lymphocytes.


Both these cells perform basic function in immune system.


  • B-Lymphocytes recognise antigen and form plasma cell clone.
    The plasma clone cells and liberate antibodies into the blood plasma and tissue fluid.

  • The antibodies that on the surface of bacteria and speed up phagocytosis.

  • Sometimes micro organism produce toxins. The antibodies produced antitoxin and neutralize these toxins. This is called humoral immune response .


  • T Lymphocytes recognise antigen and combat with them. The antigen maybe any foreign object like microorganism, foreign tissue in case of tissue transplant.

  • The T-Lymphocytes directly kill antigen without producing antibodies. This is called cell mediated response.

Hope it helps!