What are common mistakes students make when working with range?

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Oct 4, 2017

See below.


Some common mistakes that students encounter when working with range may be:

  • Forgetting to account for horizontal asymptotes (don't worry about this until you get to the Rational Functions unit)
  • (Made commonly with logarithmic functions) Using the calculator's graph without using your mind to intepret the window (for example, calculators don't show graphs continuing towards vertical asymptotes, but algebraically, you can derive that they actually should)
  • Confusing the range with domain (domain is usually #x#, whereas range is usually the #y#-axis)
  • Not checking work algebraically (at a higher level of mathematics, this is not necessary)

Those were some that I thought of based on my experiences. Remember that your calculator is only a tool, and you should only be using it to check your work for domain and range.

I hope that helps!