What are different natural disasters in the grasslands?

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May 22, 2018


Not a lot, but a few possibilities.


Grasslands tend to form in semi-arid regions of continents behind mountain ranges and this usually means the interiors or big continents (e.g North America or the steppes of Mongolia). These locations tend to be away from a major plate tectonic earthquake or volcanic activity.

Because they tend to be dry climates, they are not particularly prone to heavy rainfall events, however, some semi-arid regions can get all of their annual rainfall in a very short time period, usually the spring.

Sea level rise or hurricanes are highly unlikely as these locations are far from coastal regions.

Mudslides usually need high elevation, like steep mountain valleys to form, and again, these setting are not common in grasslands.

Severe windstorms with choking dust are a possibility.

All in all, not a bad place to live from a hazards risk perspective, but getting a Wifi connection could be tough!

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