What are some examples of an action slip?

1 Answer
Jul 6, 2017


An action slip might be exiting the train or bus at a normal stop you make, although today you were headed for a different destination.


You might have purchased a new bottle of shampoo today, same as the one you bought yesterday during that hectic commute home.

You are preparing a meal and pouring hot water into a container, you decide it needs to cool a little with the addition of ice-cold water. Turning to the fridge, you insert the kettle onto the top shelf and remove the ice-water from the shelf below.

You are supposed to cheer on Junior at the playoff game at the high school, but when you arrive at the practice field in the park (like last week), there is nobody there.

An action slip generally occurs when a person is agitated or pre-occupied, drowsy or over-stimulated, and as a result he is not fully cognisant of the actions he is performing during the time they are enacted.

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