What are some examples of chemistry?

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May 26, 2018

Well, what happens when you (or any other organism) inhales air...?


We use the inspired air, which contains oxygen, to combust the sugars that we had for breakfast when we had Coco Pops (or any other sugary breakfast cereal, Coco-pops are of course the best cereal, and most sugary)…

#underbrace(C_6H_12O_6(aq) + 6O_2(aq))_"372 g" rarr underbrace(6CO_2(g) +6H_2O(l) + Delta)_"372 g"#

Here both MASS and CHARGE are balanced with respect to products and reactants...and this a characteristic of ALL chemical reactions.... The energy released in the combustion is used to drive our metabolism.