What are some examples of technologies that use lasers?

1 Answer
May 1, 2015

Lasers are used in almost every field varying from Biology, Astronomy, Industry, Research etc.

For example:

  1. Medical use: Dermatology, Eye surgery (Lasik), Gastro-intestinal tracts etc.

  2. Biological research: Confocal Microscopes, Fluorescence Microscopes, Atomic Force Microscope, Laser Raman Microscopes (All these are used for cell, DNA and protein studies) etc.

  3. Physics research: Thin Layer deposition, Scanning Tunneling Microscopes (STM) etc.

  4. Astronomy: Used in big optical telescope facilities to get track of atmospheric activity.

  5. Industry: Metal cutting using lasers, welding, lithography, holography.

  6. Daily life: Laser Printers, Laser Mice (computer), Burglar Alarm systems, Laser pointers, CD/DVD/Bluray players, Playstation, xbox, Wii, Laser tag (I guess you know what it is), Lighting in clubs and concerts.

Oh ! I forgot, The military weapons, whether its guns, missiles or drones, almost all of them use lasers.

The full list is never ending.
Please consult wikipedia for the bigger list: