What are some examples of the fight-or-flight response?

1 Answer
Jul 23, 2014

The flight-or flight-response is a protective devise that the nervous system makes so that you can be ready to run away from danger or fight off a danger.

All body systems shunt blood to the muscles and brain. It shunts blood away from the digestive system. This is some times seen if you feel like throwing up. You body has no time to digest food.

Your breathing will increase so that you are taking in more oxygen for the muscles to work at their best. It will even make you breathe hard before contact.

You may be so badly frightened by the situation that you may wet your pants or even defecate. And why would that help? It actually decreases extra body weight that you will have to carry if you decide to run away. Every little bit may make the difference.

Your adrenalin levels will rise. This is one cause of the jittery feeling you will have.

Your pupils will get larger as your body is trying to see as much as possible.

Some examples: when someone hiding in a corner of a dark room yells "Boo!" at you. Or when you come upon a large growling dog along a wooded pathway. Or when you are high up on a cliff and almost slip. Or what about that tiger hiding and then jumping at you in the grasslands.

Your body will yell at you "run or fight!" or you will die.