What are the benefits of using hydrogen fuel-cells?

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They produce electrical power with out much pollution.


Water is the output of fuel cells.
Thjey are pollution free power generation method.
for setails see this link...http://americanhistory.si.edu/fuelcells/basics.htm

May 23, 2017

Fuel cells can be used to generate electricity with an increasing level of efficiency as better electrolytes are discovered. The benefits are described below:


1) Fuel cells can produce electric power from sustainable sources.
Hydrogen used to fuel the cells can itself be produced using electrolysis systems powered by solar panels or wind turbines.

2) The hydrogen can be produced and stored at any time so now there is a method of storing solar and wind energy as hydrogen fuel.

3) The products of fuel cells are water (#H_2O#), and heat. There are no carbon emissions from most fuel cell operations.

4) The water produced can be re-used to produce more hydrogen #H_2# fuel as stated above. The heat can be used to heat the power plant or captured to be re-used in other processes.

5) Fuel cells are quickly becoming more efficient in operation than internal combustion engines for powering cars.

6) Fuel cell powered vehicles can be used more safely indoors than any fossil fuel powered vehicles such as construction lifts and fork lifts.

7) Fuel cells can also be run on escaping methane gas #CH_4# as from swamps or landfills. Carbon dioxide #CO_2# will be produced, but this is not as undesirable as escaping methane.

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