What are the differences between Adler and Jung's psychology?

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Jun 17, 2018

Jung: Integration of unconscious and conscious mind.
Adler: Arrested development.


Carl Jung

Carl Jung separated from Sigmund Freud to develop his own human personality theory based on his belief that the human psyche has an undeniable religious nature (Malamud, 1923). He thought dreams contained significant insight into people's psyche and theorized that for people to become whole, they must be taught to integrate the unconscious with the conscious mind in a process he called individuation (Malamud, 1923).

This process was at the center of his analytical psychology (Malamud, 1923). Jung considered people's social aspect when he said, “The human psyche cannot function without a culture, and no individual is possible without society" (Richards, 2008, p.7).

Alfred Adler

Adler thought that the basic psychological element of neurosis was a sense of inferiority and that individuals suffering with symptoms of this phenomenon spent their lives trying to overcome the feelings without ever being in touch with reality (White, 1917).

He also believed that if neurotic symptoms began in childhood, some of the adult behavior would continue to reflect the age at which the individual stopped developing (White, 1917). Adler directed many of his studies toward application in educational models (Palencik, 2011).