What are the factors of solubility?

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Dec 9, 2015

Temperature, solvent, and solute?


There are so many solutes, and so many solvents. At undergraduate level we normally deal with aqueous solubility, that is solubility in water. Solubility is generally a function of temperature, in that a hot solution can normally hold more solute than a cold one. Chemists often speak of saturated solutions, which are examples of an equilibrium condition. Can you define this equilibrium?

The factors are temperature,nature of the solute and solvent and pressure.


1.temperature: the solubility of a solid increases as temperature increases. The solubility of a gas decreases as temperature increases.

2.nature of solute and solvent: polar covalent and ionic substances dissolve in polar solvents like water. Nonpolar substances dissolve in nonpolar solvents like carbontetrachloride (CCL4).
3. Pressure: this is not not significant for solids and liquids dissolving in a liquid. The solubility of a gas increase as pressure increase.