What are the fibers of the dermis produced by?

1 Answer
Oct 21, 2016

Fibroblast cells produce collagen fibres of dermis of skin.


You wanted to know two things:
1. Which type of fibre are present in dermis?
2. Which cell is responsible for production of dermal fibres?

Mainly white connective tissue fibre collagen is present in dermis. Some elastin fibres are also present. Structural units of both the protein fibres are secreted by fibroblast cells .


Precursors of collagen are produced inside endoplasmic reticulum of fibroblasts. The proteins are packed and modified inside golgi bodies. Procollagen molecules are secreted outside fibroblast by secretory vesicles. Three procollagen molecules form tropocollagen in extracellular matrix. Multiple tropocollagen molecules assemble together by cross linking to form collagen fibre.