What are the four quantum numbers for sulfur?

1 Answer

3, 1, -1, #-1/2#


Sulfur = element #16

The first quantum number tells you which energy level electron #16 is in, it is in level 3

The second number tells you which sublevel the electron is in - it is in the 3p sublevel. We use s=0, p=1, d=2, f=3

The third quantum number tells you which orbital of the sublevel an electron is in. The three orbitals of the 3p sublevel will each fill with an up spin electron first, the left most orbital will get also down spin electron. This is electron #16, so its third quantum number is -1. The three orbitals for a p sublevel are labeled -1, 0, +1

The final number tells you the spin - use #-1/2# since this is a down-spin electron.

Here is a video to help more with quantum numbers:

Video from: Noel Pauller

Hope this helps!