What are the important points to graph #y=sin (x/2)#?

1 Answer
May 11, 2018



Important points to remember:

For sine graphs, its general form is #y=asin(nx+b)#
where a=amplitude
b= your shift to left/right
n= used to help calculate your period#(T=(2pi)/n)#

  1. Calculate the amplitude
  2. Find the period of the function
  3. Check to make sure whether you need to shift the graph up or down, left or right
  4. See if you need to flip the graph on its x-axis or y-axis
  5. Label your graph if it meets your x or y axis
  6. Write down the equation of your graph
  7. Check your domain and range of your graph

So for your #y=sin(x/2)#
Your amplitude is 1
Your period is #(2pi)/(1/2)=4pi#
You don't have to shift up/down or left/right because b=0
You don't have to flip the graph on its x or y axis

graph{sin(x/2) [-10, 10, -5, 5]}