What are the main components of Freud's theory?

1 Answer
Sep 26, 2016

The id, ego and superego.


The id, the most primal part of us is what we are born with - and animals never develop anything else. It is our primal urges, to eat, to mate, to compete. Sociopaths are often controlled by their id more than others as someone who is ruled by their id would step over other people with no remorse at all. However, unlike sociopaths, they do not consider the repercussions of their actions and aim to achieve short-term satisfaction.

The ego is referred to as what makes a man a gentleman. However, this is certainly a misconception. The ego is what drives most people (by which I mean it has the most control over their lives), as the ego wants to satisfy our own personal needs, however, is wary of what others think of it. The ego may not steal from others, however, if sure that it would face no repercussions, would have no issues with murder. The Lord of the Flies is a great book to see an example of the ego - people who descend into madness due to the lack of constraints such as the law.

The superego is responsible for morality and empathy. Someone who is driven primarily by the superego would give a stranger money for the bus simply out of the goodness of their hearts. It is also responsible for guilt after you do something that hurts others.

To give a final example, if you needed money, the id would forcibly take some it from someone, the ego would steal it from someone and the superego is probably owed money from everyone who knows him.