What are the main properties of a planet?

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Mar 4, 2018

They properties of every planet varies from each other.


The common properties among them are-All of them rotate in their own axis and revolves around the Sun. All are circular or oval in shape, they have a core.

  • Mercury- Its cratered surface experiences temperatures of 426.7 degrees Celsius because of its proximity to the sun. However, temperatures on the side facing away from the sun are cold, about 173 C.

  • Venus- The density of its atmosphere makes the air pressure at the surface which is 90 times compared to the Earth's. The heat and pressure make the planet inhospitable to life.

  • Earth- It is our home planet and is only a known planet where life exists.

  • Mars- It is made up mostly of rocks, thus seems red in color. It experiences frequent planet-wide wind storms.

  • Jupiter- It is the largest of all the Planets also considered as the king of all the planets. Its a gas giant.

  • Saturn- It has many asteroids which appears to be many rings surrounding the planet.

  • Uranus- It spins on an axis parallel to its orbit, thus seems to slide on its axis.

  • Neptune- It is the farthest planet. It sometimes becomes the 2nd farthest due to its irregular revolution.

Mar 4, 2018

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has defined a planet.


The IAU defines a planet as meeting three criteria:

  1. The body must be orbiting its sun
  2. The body must be large enough for gravity to make it almost spherical
  3. The body must have cleared its orbit of other bodies other than moons