What are the parts of a flower's reproductive system?

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Mar 14, 2016

The male reproductive organ is the Stamen and the female reproductive organ is the Stigma .


Plants have both male and female reproductive organs because they can reproduce A-sexually (however, most don't as this keeps the gene pool varied).

The plant produces pollen (male sex cell) in the anther , which is the head of the stamen (the other half is called the filament ).
This pollen will then be picked up by insects and spread to another plant.

Here, it is scraped off onto the stigma , a bell like organ on the top of the flower. The stigma collects the pollen which is then transported to the plant's ovary via the pollen tube . Here, it fertilises the plant's ovule (the female sex cell - like an egg) which will then develop into a seed.

That's quite a lot of vocabulary, so I like to use little memory tricks to help.
For example, Sta-men because it is male. Stig-ma because your Ma is female.

I would also recommend looking at BBC bitesize for more revision - it's great!
Hope this helps; let me know if I can do anything else:)