What are the properties of nonmetals?

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May 18, 2018

There are many properties of nonmetals


Here are some or most of the properties of nonmetals

  • Easily share or gain valence electron
  • 4-8 electrons in the outer shell (7 for halogens and 8 for noble gases)
  • form acidic oxides
  • good oxidizing agents
  • have higher electronegativity
  • may be liquid, solid, or gas (noble gases are gases)
  • do not have metallic luster
  • poor conductor of heat and electricity
  • usually brittle
  • transparent in a thin sheet

Source: Thought Co - Nonmetals Definition and Properties

Nonmetals are found in these following group(s):

  • Noble Gases (Group 18)
  • Halogens (Group 17)