What are the stages of meiosis and which one is most different from mitosis?

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Dec 26, 2015


Meiosis in some books is meant to be the cell division giving the gametes as a result, and in some others the nuclear division of the cell cycle giving the gametes as a result.


If you mean the first definition then the stages are inerphase, prophase , metaphase I, anaphase I, telophase I, and cytokinesis, then the second round is prophase II, metaphase II, anaphase II, telophse II, and cytokinesis II.
If you mean the second definition then it is the same but without the interphase and cytokinesis.

The major differences are in prophase one where pairing up and crossing over take place.
Pairing up means each paternal chromosome comes near the homologous maternal one to make a pair.
Crossing over means one sister chromatid from one chromosome of the pair is connected to the non sister chromatid from the other, the two pieces are cut, then exchanged.