What are the steps of the lytic cycle?

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Feb 10, 2018

Lytic Cycle :
Simply mean bursting or rupturing cycle , over and over again.


It is one of the cycles of a bacteriophage (virus) in which their is a master-slave relationship between the bacteriophage (master) and bacteria (slave).

Following are the steps of lytic cycle..

1) Attachment:
In this step, the bacteriophage, attaches itself by it's tail to the
cell wall
of bacterium (plural-bacteria).

2) Digestion:
In this step, the bacteriophage contains an enzyme called
lysozyme, which digest the cell wall of bacterium (plural-
Thus an opening is formed in the bacterial cell wall.

3) Injection:
The bacteriophage contracts and injects it's DNA through the
opening, inside the host (bacterium), while the protein coat and
tail remain outside.

4) Taking Control:
Inside bacterial cell, the bacteriophage DNA takes over the
biosynthetic machinery of the host
(bacterium), to synthesize it's
own DNA and protein molecule.

5) Multiplication:
The bacteriophage multiplies and increases it's number,hence
form a lot of daughter bacteriophages , the daughter
bacteriophages exert pressure on the cell wall of

6) Rupturing:
Finally, the bacterial cell ruptures ( lysis occurs) due to all that pressure caused by daughter bacteriophages and release the
daughter bacteriophages out, which are now ready to attack a new
bacteria and start their lytic cycle, all over again.

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