What are transitive and intransitive verbs? Could you help with whether the underlined verb is transitive or intransitive the following sentences?

1)Restaurants and shops line the banks of the Thames River in London. (Line is underlined)
2)Most shops open early during tourist season.(Open is underlined)
3)A tour bus company offers several tours.(Offers is underlined)
4)Our bus driver spoke clearly and intelligently.(Spoke is underlined)
5)She provided a great deal of information about London and its famous river.(Provided is underlined)

In one sentence in each of the following pairs, the verb is transitive. In the other sentence the verb is intransitive. Identify the verb in each sentence. Write either the verb is transitive or intransitive.

11)Cynthia plays the piano well.
12)Roger plays in the school band.
13)Alberto writes in his journal each evening.
14)Mishi often writes letters to her grandmother.
15)The pilot landed the plane.

1 Answer

Transitive verb is a verb which has at least an object and intransitive verb is a verb which has no objects.


  1. line - transitive
  2. open - intransitive
  3. offer - transitive
  4. spoke - intransitive
  5. provided - transitive
  6. plays - transitive
  7. plays - intransitive
  8. writes - intransitive
  9. writes - transitive
  10. landed - transitive