What aspects of the Big Bang Theory are challenged or criticized?

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Aug 14, 2016

BB theory as a whole and, in particular, the explosive growth called inflation, in the first infinitesimal time after Big Bang.


My introduction to Big Bang controversies:

Of all the faiths, Science Faith has a supervisory control over all

other faiths about Nature/Universe. It has the power to

endorse/review/correct what is stated in other faiths, about

Nature/Universe. There is no barring of doubts in science. Science

entertains doubts and, after due research, offers clarifications, with

due corrections, if necessary.

All these are applicable to scientific surmises on explosive origin of

our universe, .Cosmic Microwave Background radiation, related

calibrations and recalibrations

What matters most in our universe is matter. We do understand, in

evolution, how a living thing, like an elephant, grows to size, in a

matter of years, from a micro-mass at its origin. Packed matter at

source is unpacked, for subsequent growth.

In the Holistic Whole Universe evolution, if it is from Big Bang to

our present universe, our eyebrows are raised.

Groups of researchers propound further theories for and


There was confirmation of Big Bang explosion by Dec 2014. .I hope

that all theories would converge for unanimity, in the near

future..The related research areas are Photons, Dark Matter and

Dark Energy and Dimensional Analysis on # [ universe] = L^3T...#..