What atmospheric conditions are necessary to produce tropical storms?

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Jan 18, 2015

For a tropical storm to occur, the water temperature at the surface of the ocean must be warm enough to put heat and moisture into the atmosphere, second, atmospheric moisture from sea water evaporation must combine with heat and energy, and thirdly, wind patterns near the oceans surface must spiral inward.

When the water temperature at the ocean's surface must remain warm enough to supply heat and moisture into the surrounding atmosphere in order to provide the potential fuel for a thermodynamic engine that a tropical storm becomes.

The heat and energy from the atmospheric moisture must combine with sea water evaporation in order to form the powerful engine needed to fuel the tropical storm.

Lastly, the wind patterns near the ocean must exist which spiral the air inwards. This can create bands of thunderstorms which allow the hot air to rise higher. If these winds at the higher levels are relatively light, this structure can remain intact and grow stronger to create the beginning of a tropical storm.

Tropical Storm

*I know this says hurricane, but the formation of a tropical storm is extremely similar.