What caused republicans to gain power in Congress in 1938?

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Mar 1, 2018

They didn't take power.


While the Republicans did make huge gains in the 1938 Congressional elections, it wasn't enough to hand them power in either the House of Representatives or the Senate.

Republicans used the Recession of 1937 to say that Roosevelt's policies weren't working and weren't ending the Great Depression. Also there was some infighting in the Democratic Party between the main-base and the conservative faction within the Democrats. Unions were also fighting over leadership, which weakened the Democratic stronghold with them.

In the House of Reps. the Republicans netted 81 seats, most of them in the northern states. The Republicans gained seats in states like Indiana (+6), Michigan (+3 to 5), and South Dakota (+1 to 2)

They also got hit hard in the Senate. Republicans gained 7 seats using the same message they did in the House races above. Republicans won races in Kansas, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.Wikipedia
Light Red- Republican Gain
Dark Red- Republican Hold
Dark Blue- Democrat Hold