What causes earthquakes?

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May 4, 2018

Earthquakes occur due to the sudden movement or breaking of underground rocks


when an underground rock breaks or snaps apart it comes with a fault this will cause energy to be released which will produce sesmic waves which are responsible for the shake of the ground which is the earthquake we feel

May 4, 2018

Most earthquakes are caused by movements of tectonic plates.


When a large tectonic plate shifts it is like dropping a large rock into a pond. The shock waves created by the moving plates creates earthquakes.

The San Andress fault in California is the most famous earthquake producer in the world. As the Pacific Plate collides with the North American plate at an oblique angle it creates a transverse fault. When the plates move an earthquake results.

Off the coast of South America the collision of the Pacific Plate with the South American plate creates a subduction zone. As the Pacific Plate lurches downward the movement creates earthquakes. The outline of the converging plate boundary can be draw using the epicenters of the earthquakes he

Volcanos as they grow due to the actions of the moving plates also create earthquakes.

Earthquakes are caused by large movements of the earth's crust usually due to the movements of tectonic plates.