What composition of the Sun, its relationship to other stars, and some effects of its radiation on Earth's weather?

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Jun 17, 2018



Composition of The Sun:-

#=># #color(blue)"75 % of Hydrogen"#
#=># #color(blue)"25 % of Helium"#
#=># and 0.1 5 of other metals which contains, #color(blue)"iron, nickel, oxygen, silicon, sulfur, magnesium, carbon, neon, calcium and chromium"#

Relationship of the sun with other stars;-

#=># Sun is not the biggest celestial body which many have the misconception of. It is an average sized star. There are stars which are more than #color(green)"100 times bigger than the sun."#

Here is a picture for the comparision between our sun and the other types of star.


#=># There are also stars which are #color(green)(1/10th)# of the mass of the sun.

#=># The sun is a type of Main Sequence star which lives upto 10 billion years. Red giants and #color(red)"there are other stars which are living almost upto 100 billion years."#

#=># Sun is a lonely star which exist without any friends in the universe. But we can also find the #color(purple)"cluster of stars which remain as a group in the universe."# The solar systems in the other parts of the universe have more than one stars.

here is a star cluster:-


the name of this cluster is Messier 92.

Effects of the sun over the weather of the earth:-

#=># The radiation from the sun warms up the air of the earth.

#=># This radiation of the sun is harmful for the earth as it enters the earth through the ozone holes which #color(green)"heats up the earth resulting in the constant rise in its temperature. refereed to as global warming."#

#=># The curvature of the earth i.e at 23.5 degree results in the non uniformity of the falling of sun's radiations which affect the changes in seasons.

Here are some other effects of the radiation of the sun on the earth:-

  1. The change in the solar activity i.e. the radiation of the sun affects the flow of the cosmic rays.

  2. Our electronic devices which are directly connected to the satellite gets affected by the sun's harmful radiation.

  3. Different types of skin problem also show up.