What countries use biomass energy?

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Nov 8, 2017

Biomass energy is primarily used by developing countries.


Because biomass energy requires very little processing, it is accessible to people who don't have means of utilizing other forms of energy, such as nuclear or fossil fuels. However, many developing countries supplement biomass fuel with renewable energy in the form of solar energy; you don't need an energy grid for solar energy.

Developed countries will also use biomass; some countries like Brazil use mass-produced biofuels.

Nov 13, 2017

Biomass is defined as the standing crop(living matter) of living organisms measured in term of weight of that living matter it may be grass , leaf litters etc.


The term biomass energy literally means the energy which being extracted or recovered from the living matter and this source of energy is utilized by many countries in world .
Some of countries deriving energy from the biomass are

  1. KENYA -75%
  2. INDIA - 50%
  3. BRAZIL - 25% ,

Above are given examples of non -ANNEX parties which are using biomass as a source of http://energy.![frost.com}(https://useruploads.socratic.org/lNtU3ZwwQsKHdRmJGabq_85998283.jpg)