What did France send to the Patriots to help with the American Revolution?

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Jan 2, 2016


France sent money, arms, uniforms, and eventually men and their navy to the Patriots.


With the help of American ambassadors in the French court - those being Benjamin Franklin and John Adams, King Louis XVI (16th) decided to declare war on Britain officially in 1778. Prior to this, France had been smuggling arms and uniforms to the Americans, as well as helping to fund their war since the Articles of Confederation did not allow the US Congress to tax the people.
Additionally, French volunteers, especially from French nobility chasing glory and the ideals of freedom and unfettered democracy, also made their way into the ranks of the American army. The most noted example of the latter being the Marquis de Lafayette.
Once the Americans had proven the worth of their fight after having won the Battle of Saratoga, when France and other countries realized the Americans could win against the powerhouse that was Great Britain. On February 6th, 1778 France officially recognized the United States as an independent country, to which the British replied by declared war on them on March 17th. French involvement also sparked the unofficial inclusion of Spain and the Netherlands in helping the US. Spain later entered the war in 1779, helping the French in several naval battles against the British.
Finally, along with the naval support came the French army, augmenting the American forces for many battles from 1780 to the end of the conflict in 1783.