What does alkyl mean?

2 Answers
Jun 6, 2018

Removal of a hydrogen atom from the alkane molecule gives alkyl molecule.


Normally one of the functional group of the alkanes.

The general formula for an alkyl molecule(acyclic):-

#C_n H_(2n+1)#
where n= no.of carbon molecules.

#CH_4# is methane.

On removing one hydrogen molecule we get,

#CH_3# which is an alkyl or methyl.(smallest alkyl group)

Jun 6, 2018

A functional group based on alkanes.


An alkane minus a hydrogen atom which is attached to another molecule and thereby becomes a functional group is an "alkyl group".

So for example, if the alkane is ethane #CH_3-CH_3# the functional group is "ethyl" #-CH_2-CH_3#.