What does M/#s^2# measure?

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Jul 14, 2017



I assume you mean #m/s^2#...

That is the measurement of acceleration. It is derived from the distance divided by the time - squared (also read as "per second per second).

This is because acceleration does not measure velocity. Instead, it measures the changes of speed in a time interval, typically in seconds.

The acceleration can be calculated by this formula: #a=(Deltav)/(Deltat)#. Where...
=> #a# is the the rate of change of the velocity (AKA acceleration) in the derived units.
=> #Deltav# is the change in speed in its respected units.
=> #Deltat# is the change in time in the time alloted, normally seconds.

I won't go too far into acceleration because that's not what you're asking, but I hope the information I provided answers your question!

Hope this helps :)