What does that heart shape left to the question mean?

Being a new member in socratic ,it took me a long time to figure out many things and finally I found that there are various topics. WS

3 Answers
Mar 27, 2018

The cute little heart shaped icon means "thank-you"


When we click the heart shaped icon, we can say thank you to the person who contributed to answer you:). Moreover when you press the heart shaped icon, 100 karma points shall be given to the contributor.

Anyways, welcome to socratic.
Hope to see you around:)

Mar 27, 2018

By clicking on the heart shape next to the Answer, you indicate that you liked the answer. This is encouraging for people writing answers (and I think it is factored in to the Karma calculation for anyone who cares about such things).

Apr 3, 2018

There is also a tiny heart ♥ against the question (when it is unanswered).

Clicking onto this one, you request an answer to the same question. You'll be notified too (apart from the questioner) when it is answered.

Its more like you're asking a question, indirectly though. :)

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Like this one here. Since I clicked the heart on the left, it now says that i requested an answer.