What epidermal region is involved in rapid cell division and is also the most inferior epidermal layer?

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May 20, 2018

The germinative layer.


The epidermis is composed of three tissue layers.

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The base layer and most inferior is the Germinative Layer which is responsible for the production of new epidermal cells by mitosis.
The new cells replace the old dead cells that are constantly being lost from the upper most layer called the Cornified layer.

The cells of the germinative layer are infused with melanin by cells called melanocytes. This protein pigment protects the cells nucleus from UV radiation.

These new cells push upward into the layer of dying cells. It is in the layer of dying cells where the cells flatten out and lose water. The melanin sets and determines the skin color.

As the cells die they push upward into the cornified layer which forms a hardened layer of dead cells forming a protective boundary with the environment. These dead cells are constantly peeling away.