What evidence is there to show that the universe is changing?

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Feb 1, 2018

Yes the universe is changing.. In a way it is expanding!!


When the universe just began to be formed, when it was 10^-34 second old, it experienced an incredible burst of inflation.

But as with the expansion of universe, according to NASA
the growth of the universe is continuing still but at a very lower rate.

Edwin hubble discovered that in 1920 that the universe was not static..
But the expansion is continuing now but at a very slower rate due to acceleration..

Feb 4, 2018

The study of supernovas in 1997 and 1998 show that the rate of expansion of the universe is increasing.


The study of supernovas provided empirical evidence that the rate of the expansion of the universe is presently increasing. The Super Nova Comsmology project, The High Z supernova Search Tean and the Super Nova Legacy Survey all independently confirmed that the rate of expansion of the universe is increasing.

The Hypothesis based on current theories of the universe was that the rate of expansion would be decreasing due to gravity. This was consistent with the alternating universe theory that the universe was started by a big band would reverse coming back together in a "Big Crush" starting the cycle over again.

The empirical evidence now is that the universe will go on expanding until it reaches a "heat death" where because of the laws of thermodynamics entropy will increase to the point where there is no order, mass, or usable energy left in the universe. in other words the universe is changing, becoming older, less ordered, falling apart.

The older theories of a static, unchanging, eternal, self existent, steady state universe are in doubt because of the empirical evidence. Instead the evidence is that the universe is dying, not self existent, or eternal.