What fossil fuels are used for?

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Feb 19, 2016

Fossil fuels are used for so many things.


Fossil fuels power our cars, they power our electricity, they power airplanes, and so forth. Much of our energy is powered by fossil fuels.


If you turn on a light, you're likely relying on a fossil fuel to produce that electricity. When you take the bus, it's powered by a fossil fuel. When you heat your home, it's likely through fossil fuels.

The image below is in reference to all energy in 2011, thus this includes renewable energy sources. However, renewables make up a small portion of our energy.

Feb 20, 2016

Like a gazzilion things that make our life easier!


Coal for power generation (electricity) and oil for transportation fuels are the two big ones Natural gas is used for power generation but also for industrial facilities, like cement making, and in some counter, heating homes. Natural gas and oil are also used to make a number of consumer products. like plastic, etc.

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