What happened as a result of the so-called Intolerable Acts?

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Jun 5, 2017


Repression struck the colonists through the passing of a series of laws


They were laws enforced by the British after the Boston Tea Party. They were meant to punish the massachusetts colonists for what they had done.

Impartial Administration of Justice Act, which allowed the royal governor of a colony to move trials to other colonies or even to England if he feared that juries in those colonies would not judge a case properly

Massachusetts Bay Regulating Act made all law officers subject to appointment by the royal governor and banned all town meetings that were not approved by the royal governor

Boston Port Act, which closed the port of Boston until the price of the dumped tea was paid back, moved the capital of Massachusetts to Salem, and made Marblehead the official port of entry for the Massachusetts colony.

Quartering Act, which allowed royal troops to stay in houses or empty buildings if barracks were unavailable