What is a helping verb? If I was "taking swimming lessons" is the helping verb "taking" or "swimming"?

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Nov 20, 2016

See below


A helping verb is a verb used along with another verb (forming a verb phrase) that helps add meaning and mood to the main verb. A helping verb is also known as a auxiliary verb. Here is a few examples: could, should, would, is, may, might.

In your question, the main verb would be taking with the helping verb was. Hope this helps!

Mar 9, 2017

The sentence: "I was taking swimming lessons."

The main verb is the #action# "taking".
The helping verb is the modifier "was" showing tense.


The noun is "I".
The #adjective# is "swimming", describing the #object# "lessons".

Main verbs are always immediate #actions# of the subject.

The helping verb can in this case change the tense or the condition of the sentence by changing its own tense or condition.

I am taking swimming lessons.
I should be taking swimming lessons.