What is a key question?

I noticed here: https://socratic.org/calculus/graphing-with-the-first-derivative/interpreting-the-sign-of-the-first-derivative-increasing-and-decreasing-function there are three key questions (I'm guessing the other topics have some too), and it says none have been answered yet, despite being a few years old. Why are these key questions?

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Mar 8, 2018



... some questions that the team selected a looong time ago to sit at the top of each topic page.

Each topic page would get three questions that would be pinned at the very top of the page, right below the videos--this is very similar to the "sticky posts" that you see on some forums.

Now, a lot of these questions were asked and answered years ago by users who became inactive.

When the team closed the accounts that belonged to users who did not agree to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, the answers posted to many of these Key Questions were deleted.

This is why you will see Key Questions that are unanswered despite the fact that they were asked years ago. In other words, these questions had answers that were deleted on March 1, 2018.