What is a skeletal system?

1 Answer
Jan 5, 2015

All systems have several parts called organs. In the case of the skeletal system this includes bones, cartilage (different kinds), tendons and ligaments.

Our skeletal system helps us move by using muscles and protects various organs like the brain, lungs and heart.

The bones also store some fat, produce blood cells and stores some minerals like calcium.


Holding the bones together are ligaments.


Tendons help attach muscles to bones.


Various cartilage types are also important.

A synchrondrosis joint has bands of hyaline cartilage which unite bones and an epiphyseal plate.

This is found for example, between the manubrium and first rib.

Some fibrocartilage can be found between bones.
For example, the pubis symphysis and the joint between bodies of vertebrae.