What is an example of a projectile motion practice problem?

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Sep 7, 2015

I will give you an example of a practical application to real life.
There are many applications of mechanics to everyday life and it stimulates interest in the subject.
Try and solve the problem and if you battle I will help you solve it and show you the answer.


Sheldon of mass 60 kg riding on his Felt BMX of mass 3 kg, approaches an inclined plane at Plett of vertical height 50 cm inclined at angle 50° to the horizontal. He wishes to clear a 1 m high obstacle placed a distance 3 m from the inclined plane. At what minimum speed must he approach the inclined plane in order to just be able to clear the obstacle?
Assume it is a clear day with no wind or other resistance.

enter image source here
Picture credit : Taken by Trevor Ryan in Plettenburg Bay, a little town near Port Elizabeth in South Africa, in 2007.
The rider pictured is BMX freestyle champion Sheldon Burden.