What is an ionic bond?

1 Answer

Chemical bonds or simply bonds are the forces of attraction which hold the atoms of different elements together and result into different compounds.These forces of attraction between the elements are of 3 types:-

  1. Covalent Bond
  2. Ionic Bond
  3. Metallic Bond

Ionic bonds are those bonds which are always formed by transferring of electrons between a metal and a non- metal and the resulting compound formed is called an * ionic compound. * For Example,

  • Salt
    Chemical Name- Sodium Chloride
    Chemical Formula- NaCl
    enter image source here

Now, in this diagram you can see that sodium has one extra electron and chlorine needs one more electron to complete its valence shell. Therefore, sodium transfers its one extra electron to chlorine and both of them now have full valence shell. This transfer of electrons creates a bond between them and which is ionic.
Remember 2 main things:-

  1. These bonds are always formed between a metal and a non- metal.
  2. Always write the name of the metal element first followed by the non- metal in the chemical formula.