What is arsenic pollution?

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Jul 3, 2017


Arsenic is a toxic pollutant


Arsenic, whether it is in soil or water, is a pollutant. It is not needed in human body. It is toxic. Some water supplies in Bangladesh and other countries have high arsenic concentrations.

For arsenic and possibly also for other metals, interference with DNA repair may be involved (LaGrega et al., 1994). Arsenic causes lung and skin cancers (LaGrega et al., 1994). The ingestion risk for arsenic is only 3% of that by inhalation (LaGrega et al., 1994).

Arsenate, a rock, is a major cause of arsenic pollution in the environment. Median lethal concentration (#LC_50#) of sodium arsenite is 40 #(mg)/(kg)# (oral route for rats) (LaGrega et al., 1994).

When arsenic rich rocks become as dust or dissolved in water, arsenic concentration in air and water becomes greater. This results in health problems in ecosystem functions and human well being.

LaGrega, M. D., Buckingham, P. L., Evans, J. C. (1994) Hazardous Waste Management. McGraw Hill, Inc. New York, NY. USA.

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