What is Education Inequality?

1 Answer
Mar 24, 2016


Simply put, education inequality occurs when students are unable to afford an education due to their social status.


In Malaysia, poverty prevents a child from gaining access to educational opportunities.

Due to this inequality, different doors are open for a child who is unable to choose their social class.

However, it is not the child alone who suffers, the nation indirectly feels the consequences as well.

Here, at Teach For Malaysia, we aim to change that by working together in order to provide every child an equal opportunity towards an education.

My classmates and I have made a video to better represent the mission statement of the organization.

And we will appreciate YOUR HELP to share the video in order to raise awareness about education inequality in Malaysia.

Hence, get onto your social media sites and share this video using the hashtag #Education For All

One day, all children in Malaysia will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.