What is glycogen made up of?

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May 18, 2017

See below.


The molecular formula of glycogen is #C24H42O21#. This means that in every one molecule of glycogen, there are #24# atoms of Carbon, #42# atoms of Hydrogen, and #21# atoms of Oxygen.

Below is glycogen's shape. The image shows the atoms Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen in the glycogen molecule.


To conclude, every molecule of glycogen consists of 24 atoms Carbon, 42 atoms of Hydrogen, and 21 atoms of Oxygen.

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May 18, 2017

Glycogen is a branched polymer made up of smaller units. So glycogen is polysaccharide, formed of glucose sugar.




One glycogen molecule may have upto thirty thousand glucose unit. There are 1 #->#4 glycosidic bonds between adjacent glucose molecules to form linear chains, while 1#->#6 glycosidic bonds are present at the origin of branches.

Though glycogen is polysaccharide, an enzymatic protein glycogenin is present at its core which helps in polymerisation of glucose in glycogen.