What is one change humans can make to help solve ecological problems?

1 Answer
Oct 20, 2016



It's not just about reducing plastic, but reducing our wants for ANYTHING. For example, our current systems of fashion (buying new clothes every season) or buying new phones each year are still causing resources to be used in producing, packaging, transporting and advertising these products - stuff that we can often do without. Even the demand for imported ingredients in foods results in food miles (greater carbon footprint as the food has to travel and travel burns fuel and adds carbon into the atmosphere).

Everything we need, use, own and discard has come from the Earth in some form or the other.

Then there is the problem of waste, waste disposal, dumping - all of which causes decay, leaching and release of toxic chemicals in the atmosphere, land and water.

A better choice is the eat local, reduce our wants and needs.

The movie ' The Gods must be Crazy ' in its initial parts shows how remote tribes of Africa who depend on earth and protect the earth have minimal needs and also cause minimal effect on the earth due to their existence.

The lesser we use, the fewer resources we need and this will reduce the burden on the earth while freeing up resources for other creatures to live in harmony with nature.