What is plural possessive?

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Feb 23, 2016

Is formed by adding an apostrophe and an s or just an apostrophe after an s to a noun in a plural form.


First Rule: First, we have to make the noun plural before we could show the plural possession in a noun. Then use the apostrophe after the s if the plural form calls for an s .

one baby, two babies, two babies' diapers

one dog, two dogs, two dogs' shampoo

one fox, two foxes, two foxes' lairs

Second Rule: If the plural form changes the noun that doesn't end with an s , then add an apostrophe and an s .

one man, five men, five men's watches

one sister-in-law, three sisters-in-law, three sisters-in-law's gifts

one child, two children, two children's bicycles

one cactus, two cacti, two cacti's leaves

Third Rule: If the plural form of the noun is the same as the singular form, add an apostrophe and an s just like with the singular form.

one fish, two fish, two fish's adventure

one sheep, two sheep, three sheep's wool

Fourth Rule: For the proper noun, follow the same rule as to the common noun.

Singular : Mr. Williams bought a puppy.
Singular Possessive : Mr. Williams's puppy barked at the kids.

Plural : The Williamses traveled to Europe for a week.
Plural Possessive : Their neighbor, Mrs. Adam, took care of the Williamses' puppy.

Singular: Mrs. Adam cooked dinner for her son.
Singular Possessive : Mrs. Adam's stew is a winner.

Plural: The Adams bought a new house.
Plural Possessive : I attended on the Adams' house blessing.

Source: Modules from my online grammar class. :)