What is proof of natural selection?

1 Answer
Apr 27, 2018


Scientific observations of changes within existing species.


There are many examples of proven natural selection, based on detailed observations.
1. The peppered moths of England changed from being primarily white to being melanic or dark and back to white, due to environmental changes, and pollution.
2. The Darwin finches on the Galopoges islands changing to thicker beaks in dry seasons and to hybrid varieties in wet seasons.
3. The blind fishes of the underwater caverns and streams of Death Valley

All of these examples illustrate natural selection changing the nature of existing species. Natural selection can select between existing variations in a species, favoring those that are best adapted to a changing environment and causing the extinction of those variations that are not well adapted to the changing environment.

Natural selection can not contribute to the creation of new variations. The observations of natural selection can not be used to prove or support the concepts of decent with modification or what is known as Darwinian or Neo Darwinian evolution.