What is quantum mechanics?

1 Answer

Quantum mechanics is the study of particles and its motion. When we talk about nanomaterials, Newtonian mechanics (Classic Mechanics) cannot be applied for particles. So, Quantum mechanics was suggested by scientists for the study of particles.

The first step towards Quantum Mechanics was started by the great physicist Max Planck. He proposed that light consists of small packets of wavelength called 'Quanta'. This revolutonized the idea of Wave particle nature of light. This nature was considered for all the particles. Albert Einstein, who needs no introduction , also worked on this theory and proved wave- particle nature of light by successfully demonstrating photoelectric effect.

Quantum Mechanics has also led to the proper configuration of atoms and invention of the Bohr atomic model. In this era we have a great scope for Quantum Mechanics. Scientists are finding out extra dimensions and a common particle from which the whole universe, including vacuum and infinity, are made, with the help of Quantum Mechanics.