What is Quantum Mechanics and how is it related to time travel?

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Oct 12, 2016

Quantum mechanics replaces Hamiltonian mechanics when the action becomes comparable to Planck's constant.


Quantum Mechanics is just a upgraded version of Hamiltonian Mechanics. But they both work on very different scales.

Hamiltonian Mechanics works on large scale and up-to some sort of small scale. But, quantum mechanics works on Planck's Scale. where the range is so small that we measure it in above #10^-30#!

Up until now, the equations and theory of time travel were based on classical mechanics. But now the recent studies have started working on equations of quantum mechanics on time travel.

A rule known as #"Novikov's Rule"# is applied to two equations - One is of density matrix and other is state vector. But both the equations gives dual and somewhat contradictory results.

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