What is the string theory? How is it related to space time?

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Jun 1, 2016

String-Theory is the theory that replace the particles(atoms, electrons, photons) to vibrating strings.


In the early Twentieth century, two frameworks of physics were published:

#1.# Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein
#2.# Quantum Mechanics

Both these theories try to explain the formulated laws of Physics that we use now. But the problem arises when we try to reconcile Quantum Mechanics with Theory of Relativity because of Gravity.

String Theory try to solve this problem by replacing particles with strings. That's why it is a member for Theory of Everything.

On large scale distances, the string have normal properties like mass, charge, etc. It is a vibrating string that vibrates in all different ways.

When we get electromagnetic field in space-time, it is called as Quantum Field Theory. As we know that, quantum mechanics is based on probabilities, we can compute that with the help of Perturbation Theory.

But how string theory relates to space-time? If a closed string is traveling in a curved space-time, then the coordinates of the string in spacetime feel this curvature as the string propagates. The answer lies on the string worldsheet or stringy space-time. In order for their to be a consistent quantum theory in this case, the curved space in which the string travels must be a solution to the Einstein equations.

This was a very convincing result for string theorists. Not only does string theory predict the graviton (A hypothetical gravitatioal force carrier) from flat spacetime physics alone, but string theory also predicts the Einstein equation will be obeyed by a curved spacetime in which strings propagate.(Credit)

The problem with string theory is that it is not experimentally discovered yet. If we will get results, we can be able to reconcile gravity with quantum mechanics.