What is the atomic mass of iridium?

Iridium has two isotopes. Iridium-191 has a mass of 191.0 amu and a percent abundance of 37.58%. Iridium-193 has a mass of 193.0 amu and a percent abundance of 62.42%.

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Jan 15, 2018

Well, you take the weighted average of the individual isotopes....


#"Atomic mass of Ir"-={37.58%xx(191)+62.42%xx(193)}*"amu"#


Iridium is a very valuable metal; it is almost as valuable as gold....the chemists who work with it, collect all their residues and ship it back to the companies who loaned them the salts in the first place. As a third row metal, it is quite kinetically inert....and sometimes you can see a reaction happening in real time.