What is the correct ionic compound name for Be3(PO4)2?

1 Answer
Jun 21, 2014

The name of the compound is beryllium phosphate.

This is an ionic compound. It consists of Be²⁺ and PO₄³⁻ ions.

The name of an ionic compound is
name of cation + name of anion

Cations of metals in Groups 1 and 2 have the same name as the metal.

Since Be is in Group 2, Be²⁺ is the beryllium cation.

PO₄³⁻ is the phosphate anion.

So Be₃(PO₄)₂ is beryllium phosphate.

Note: You do not use multiplying prefixes when naming ionic compounds. A name like triberyllium diphosphate is wrong.